Segmentation and customers profile creation

Customers segmentation allows a more effective communication - Loyty software is essential to the identification of relevant groups for the company and their purchase profile.

  • Sales history, key indicators, analysis and buying behavior
  • Creating more effective marketing campaigns based on customers history and preferences
  • Increasing sales and cross sell opportunities
  • Lower costs of new customers acquisition

Use the most appropriated marketing tools to each client

Loyty has the most appropriated tools for effective communication, adapted to each segment.
Send messages via email or sms in order to approach customers to the company, increasing their average purchase and the satisfaction rate.

  • Creating and sending email or sms campaigns
  • Send messages automatically
  • Real-time communication
  • Direct communication channel
  • Understanding loyalty relationships with prospects
  • Interaction peer-to-peer between company and customers, meeting their needs and creating a lasting relationship of trust and loyalty

Dashboards and analysis tools at your fingertips

With Loyty you will have access to analysis tools, indispensable for enhancing the marketing strategies of your business. Analyze customer data and learn about their interests, behaviors and purchasing patterns.

  • Identification and segmentation of loyal customers
  • Insights about financial performance and characterization of the purchasing profile
  • Measurement and monitoring of customers behavior and trends
  • Reduction of advertising costs
  • Construction of marketing programs, designed to boost sales
  • Access to all information on smartphone

Rewards program

Loyty allow you to communicate benefits to the most potential customers and increase investment results.

  • Create loyalty campaigns - discounts and services
  • Increase customers purchase average
  • Send configurable campaigns
  • Analyze the return of commercial campaigns and respective optimization
  • Identify the best customer segments and improving their level of satisfaction and recommendation

Loyalty in the smartphone

With a customer-centric approach, Loyty offers the possibility to transport this loyalty system in your smartphone. You will be able to take advantage of an additional communication channel with low cost and configurable applications.

  • Complementary and interactive communication channel
  • Increase communication effectiveness and closeness to the customer, keeping it updated of the company's activity
  • Configurable application - alerts, push notifications, geographic offers, etc.
  • Increase the ROI of the company by optimizing communication campaigns

Integration with multiple platforms

Loyty integrates with various applications without having to change hardware or software. With Loyty you can profit company's initial investment with no extra cost, duplicated information or wasted time.

  • Elimination of data duplication
  • Centralized information
  • Less spending on reconciliations of discrepancies between different systems
  • No need to change software or hardware