About Loyty software is a loyalty program that goes beyond the card.
Not only ensures the raise of customer data, as well as its management and communication.
Through analysis of the purchasing profile you will be able to segment and communicate of an adapted and automated way.

How important is customer loyalty? The satisfaction and loyalty of customers enables a continuous revenue flow.
About 20 % of customers guarantee 80 % of the company's results, so it is essential to ensure their loyalty to the company.
Loyal customers are satisfied customers who purchase with the highest frequency and quantity and recommend the brand more often.

What Loyty can do for your business? Loyty will help your company to communicate effectively with customers, strengthening customer loyalty, boosting sales and optimizing your results.
With Loyty all processes are automated. Understand customers’ interests, segment according to their profile, create reward programs, obtain business metrics and optimize results will be easier.