10 Reasons why Loyty is the right choice to boost your business


Increase the average purchase per customer is not a dream In order to retain customers, Loyty provides a set of useful data to build customer profile analysis, so you can understand the interests and preferences, increasing the average value of purchases.


Customers will visit your store more than once Loyty is a loyalty software that allows you to communicate consistently with the client, through automated messages. Valuing customers is a stimulus for their return to the shop and for sales’ increase.


Segment and understand your customers’ profile, without giving a chance to competitors Customers’ loyalty is a competitive advantage. To access to information provided by customers allows you to build their profile and then identify customers as well as the most appropriate form of communication.


Identify top customers, so they can say the name of your company with passion Loyty allows you to build a full customers’ profile with the monitoring of vital information. Value your best customers, rewarding them and increasing your investment’s return while reinforce loyalty. Do not forget that 20% of customers are responsible for 80 % of your company’s results.


Give customers what they need and haven’t even thought to ask for The understanding of customers’ interests and preferences allows you to surprise them. Peer-to-peer interaction will strengthen customers’ loyalty to the company by the sense of belonging, and, consequently, boost your sales.


Get business metrics in real time Loyty provides a set of metrics related to the lifecycle purchase of your customer, so your company can be aware of any changes and take action promptly, through an effective management of its marketing strategies.


Be aware of customers’ behavior and market basket with no pain Understand who your customers are, what they buy, where, when, how much and how often they visit your shop. Loyty allows you to access friendly dashboards and analysis tools with essential information to your marketing strategies development.


Either by email or sms, customers will have the name of your company at tongue’s tip Loyty provides a constant interaction between company and customer. Through customers’ segmentation, it will be possible to send automated messages via email or sms, which are adapted to each segment. You can integrate Loyty with advanced communications providers so that, strategically, you can communicate customers’ rewards and make them come back to the store.


Loyty is a super software. Integrate it with others is not a problem! Loyty can be integrated with multiple POS platforms, from different producers, without the need of change software or hardware.


Happy marketing teams for customers even happier Loyty is the gift you want to offer to the marketing team of your business. With access to analysis tools that allow you to build customers’ purchase profile, your team can exceed expectations and increase the company’s ROI.